As a producer, LaRai established himself in the
casual video game industry. With the arrival of
Fishing Champion and the subsequent launch
of Motorcycle Tycoon, he achieved an audience
in the tens of millions.

Riding that wave of success, LaRai was commissioned
to set the musical score for for the highly anticipated
sequel to Motorcycle Tycoon: MT2 Built To Race

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Coming Soon...

He produces tracks
suitable for any audio environment.

+Original tracks may be composed upon hire
  or existing tracks may be customized to suit a client's specifications.

+Some tracks are available for commercial placement; by permission of the artist.
  Contact LaRai for details. 

+For simple loops, for complicated theme songs...
  For all of your production needs, allow LaRai to provide
  the right texture and originality to your project.

From the forthcoming album!

     The Wizard

      1. Smash                           

      2. How U Like Em

      3. The Wizard   cd baby  itunes  amazon                                                         

    5. Do What They Do                                                                                            6.The Blade   

      7. Xp17                              

      8. Magic                            

      9. Trees                             

     10. King 4 A Day




Play a game that LaRai produced the music for: Motorcycle Tycoon!
Play Motorcycle Tycoon the racing game

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